Learning to Meditate

I made my first visit to Spirit Rock last month with the intention of getting a feel for the place and community and seeking guidance on my spiritual path. Jack Kornfield spoke for a few moments and then everyone settled into their seats and began to, collectively, Let Go.

There was not a lot of instruction, just enough to help us connect with the breath, recognize our wandering minds, and return, again and again, to the Present. As I sat there, breathing steadily, tuning in to my body and energy, and consciously letting go of any tension I was holding, I realized what a gift it is to simply Be, to allow ourselves the time and space to slow down, breathe, and release.

There is so much wisdom and power and love and potential in each one of us, and the way to connect with it and work with it, for the good of all, is through this stillness, this letting go, this emptiness.

I’ve read a lot about these concepts/approaches over the years; this was my first time sitting in meditation with some guidance, and surrounded by others doing the same. It was nice to have that gentle support, and to feel a connection to the community around me, while also allowing myself to be fully me.

I returned tonight and  think I am hooked!  And that’s such a good thing, for that guidance and sense of community on the spiritual journey is something I have desired for a long time. I have been keeping myself open to it, but not actively seeking it, because my instinct was that the place and time were not yet right.

Appropriately, Jack Kornfield  spoke of the teachings of impermanence and redemption,

“No matter what, it’s never too late to start again.”

Now that we have finally found a home base that feels right, the place and time have arrived! And how interesting that Spirit Rock is in our back yard.

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