Creative Pathfinder – Learnings, Weeks 9-12

Posted on | December 13, 2010

Four more weeks of learning about how to be a successful entrepreneur a la The Creative Pathfinder. These lessons hone in on: creating a portfolio/online presence, networking, and knowing your business.

Lesson 9
Topic = Your Portfolio/Body of Work/Online Presence


  • It’s more fun, effective, and helpful to show what you do instead of just talking about it (this applies to most areas of life and communication actually)
  • Produce a “flagship project that will convince the right people they should make every effort to persuade you to work with them” – great advice, Mark!

If you want to work as a writer, start writing and publishing. If you want to be a film-maker, make films. If you want to be a musician, make music. If you want to be a designer, design something and get it built. If you want to be a marketer, sell something or spread an idea that inspires action.

-Mark McGuinness

Natalie Goldberg says the same thing, over and over, about writing. And all the wise leaders on the life path say the same thing about being enlightened: do the practice, your meditation and the application of wisdom and guidance in daily life, each day, throughout your days – that is enlightenment.


  • Write a few solid essays to show publications my wordsmithing skills and style (and then start connecting w/ those publications)
  • Ditto for a couple of short stories and ten + poems
  • Outline one of my e-book concepts
  • Collaborate w/ J on a video poem

Lesson 10
Topic = Finding Your Tribe


  • I agree with Mark that “‘finding your tribe’ sounds a lot more fun to me than ‘networking.’” It reminds us of the primal need to connect and collaborate.
  • What are “my industries”?: Communications, Writing, Blogging, Creating/Healing/Empowering, Consciousness/Meditation

Human beings can’t help it: we need to belong. One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people…

Seth Godin, ‘Tribes’ (via Creative Pathfinder)

  • It’s really important and healthy to think regularly about all of your talents and gifts.

Don’t forget what you can offer the other people you meet. Whatever your level of experience, you have knowledge, skills, experiences and contacts they don’t…Notice how you feel when you help someone in your network, connect two people who can help each other, or introduce someone new to the network (see Suzanna Stinnett’s Cloud Alchemy Manifesto.)

-Mark McGuinness


  • New business cards (‘cuz I’m almost out and they can be improved upon)
  • Consider using “” email address instead of/in addition to gmail accounts
  • Research industry (see second bullet above) groups/orgs/events to connect with

Lesson 11
Topic = Growing Your Network/Tribe


  • The web opens up a whole world (literally) of possible connections – for sharing, exchanging, and collaborating.
  • Connecting becomes relevant when you have good, interesting, helpful work to share/exchange/collaborate on.

…if you’re doing something meaningful, original or remarkable, it will be much easier to grow your network…

-Mark McGuinness

  • I so appreciate Mark’s approach to social networking and hope that many people will heed his advice which is basically: think about what you can contribute and how it will add value to people’s lives.


  • Put some time and energy into Twitter. Can I learn about what interests me there and will it enhance my connecting?
  • Grow my offline network – start having coffee dates w/ local like-minded/hearted people.

Lesson 12
Topic = Uniquely Me


  • What am I better at than anyone else?
    • Planning/organizing/coordinating/facilitating/managing projects and events
    • Developing and fostering positive and progressive communications
  • What do I enjoy doing the most?
    • Studying/exploring/experimenting with consciousness, cosmology, cultural anthropology, and holistic health
    • Developing and doing practices to expand and evolve, heal and empower, and enlighten
    • Contributing and sharing through my writings, creations, and connections
    • Planning/organizing/coordinating/facilitating/managing projects that are interesting and meaningful
    • Developing and fostering positive and progressive communications
  • The “unique combination of elements” that is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition or as Mark suggests, and I prefer, “Unique and Special Proposition”):
    • I am a talented and creative communicator/coordinator/facilitator/manager who incorporates Universal wisdom and interconnectedness for a Big Picture approach and healthy, positive results (???)
    • This is my first attempt at distilling “the essence of Dorothy” so it will be in development for awhile…
  • Following your heart, your gut, your vision, your Big Dreams is, I believe, the way to really discover your USP. Mark’s successful career path is a shining example of that and one thing to note is:

it’s an ongoing process of development – we are always evolving!


  • Keep following my heart/gut/vision/Big Dreams and developing my best and brightest potential into great work.


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