Give, Receive, Give, Receive

A few weeks ago I was out for an afternoon walk at the park in Corte Madera. It was a lovely Spring day and there were lots of parents and children playing. A little boy was riding his scooter down a gentle incline, practicing his balance with both feet on the scooter. His Mom/adult friend was watching and enthusiastically cheering him on. As I walked by I had the urge to add my encouragement, then a part of me thought that he had plenty of that already and so I paused for a moment, self-censoring and second-guessing my natural instincts. Fortunately those instincts were (and are!) strong and overrode that restricting of the flow of positive energy which is my true nature (every being’s true nature.) The wise one within knows there’s never a good reason to hold back our positive energy.

I offered him a big smile of appreciation (for his youthful, playful, joyous be-ing) and said, “Good Job.” And as I walked on, still smiling at his delight in the moment, I heard him say with happiness and excitement, “She said ‘Good Job!’”, which seemed to please his Mom/adult friend, too. I was so touched that two nice words, a smile, and the positive energy offered with them would bring happiness to others. It was a small, yet very important, lesson in how much of an influence our thoughts/words/energy have on the world around us. I strongly desire to be a Positive Force in the world and so I am now even more conscious of the thoughts I think, the words I say, and the energy I cultivate and put forth. And I am getting better at recognizing when I am cutting myself off from the flow of infinite positive energy. Because I am aware of the joy it brings to my life and the lives of those I encounter on this journey, I am committed to cultivating it and radiating it.

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