This site, and my life, are dedicated to:
* exploring the world, inner and outer
* contemplating the mysteries of the universe
* questioning reality
* uncovering/discovering truths
* embracing the challenges (opportunities)
* growing and evolving
* releasing and regenerating the unproductive and negative
* nourishing and cultivating light and love
* opening to infinite potential
* seeing the magic
* envisioning and creating
* experiencing and celebrating
* communicating and connecting
* expressing gratitude
* living consciously, lightly, holistically, and healthfully
* contributing positively

Philosophy and Approach

All the elements of Being – body/energy/mind/heart/spirit – are interconnected and synergistic. So true health comes through a holistic approach to life. Attention to and nurturing of all elements of Being provides us with the strength, vibrancy and equanimity to feel great and do great. I focus a large part of my time on studying and practicing techniques for living holistically and, bit-by-bit, am learning, and experiencing the benefits. I believe that the guidance and insights which come my way through these efforts are not just meant to enrich my life, but also to be shared. They are blessings whose power grows through interaction and movement.

The human being and the universe in which we exist are a highly complex puzzle with an infinite number of pieces and ways to combine them. Our life’s purpose is to put the puzzle together. Since a completed puzzle equals enlightenment, and that cannot be rushed, the focus should be on having fun with the process and not hurrying to get it done. The journey is so much more important than the destination. It’s a good idea to know where you are headed, why, and how you intend to get there, but this moment is where it’s at. If you are really present in the Here and Now, amazing stuff will be revealed and experienced.

I believe we are all born with some of the puzzle pieces in place and the potential to find, and create, the rest. It’s about envisioning a pretty picture, uncovering and developing our skills and wisdom, going hunting for missing pieces, spontaneously creating new pieces, and working really hard to fit it all together and actualize our vision. It takes tremendous confidence, courage, commitment, and patience. It can be confusing, frustrating, and tiring, but most definitely worth the effort, and satisfying, as the pieces fit together and the bigger picture emerges.

Each of us is an original combination of physical matter and condition, thoughts, feelings, energy, infinite spirit, external surroundings, interactions, and more. And that unique mix (our life) is not static but rather always evolving. If we are a passive witness, that inaction relinquishes our choice, our free will, and instead of being co-creators of life, life happens to us. But the choice to actively participate is always available to us.

There isn’t just one truth, one Right Way, but rather an infinite, and ever-evolving, collection. The possibilities are endless, which is exhilarating and mind blowing, depending on our perspective. While each life is unique, there are many universal truths and much abiding wisdom from which we can learn. We benefit greatly by opening ourselves up to new (to us) ideas and different perspectives, and observing and really listening to other people. That open-minded, open-hearted, Awake and Present, and actively involved approach is the goal here.

We are all connected to the light of the universe (our source.) It’s inside of us and all around us. It is always shining and always accessible, no matter how cloudy the day. We can all use a little (some times a lot of) guidance and support to help our light shine brighter and stronger. I offer all that I experience, learn, have, and receive with the intention of assisting you on your path.

And I hope you will share your stories of life exploration with me, by commenting on the posts, and/or writing to me privately through email at: Thank-you for being part of the journey.

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