Where I Am & Where I Am Going

I’m trusting and following my heart and gut and inner wisdom (intuition, insight, instinct, impulse, inspiration) more and more these days and it feels Great. And I’ve been guided away from writing here, on the web. I’m Out Here, on the Leading Edge, focusing my thoughts and feelings, energies and intentions, doing my Very Best,… Continue reading Where I Am & Where I Am Going

Likes & Loves: Bare Feet and Poodle Fur, etc.

This is the first (small and spontaneous) in an ongoing series. It feels So Good to be grateful for the many gifts each day (each moment) offers us. The more we choose to focus our thoughts/feelings/energies towards gratitude and appreciation the better we feel and the more open we are to receive those gifts. Give it a try!

Give, Receive, Give, Receive

A few weeks ago I was out for an afternoon walk at the park in Corte Madera. It was a lovely Spring day and there were lots of parents and children playing. A little boy was riding his scooter down a gentle incline, practicing his balance with both feet on the scooter. His Mom/adult friend was watching and enthusiastically cheering him on.

The Real Guru is the Divinity Within

J and I had the honor of meditating with/learning from Sri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj the other evening. Great thanks to Yoga of Sausalito for hosting the evening in their very comfortable/warm/welcoming studio. And great thanks to Sri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj (and those who assist him on his mission) for sharing his peaceful energy and timeless wisdom.

Creative Pathfinder- Learnings, Weeks 21-26

I embarked on the Creative Pathfinder journey on September 3, 2010 – eight months ago! And I’ve so enjoyed the experience – every step on the “path” I’m finding/creating. I’ve said it before, but need to say it again: Mark McGuinness is smart, and wise, and insightful, and Creative, and most generous to share this course for Free. It’s worth a lot. I’ve benefited a great deal in these eight months of examining myself and learning methods and practices to increase my productivity and success.

The Journal Archives – Solid And Supple

I am very happy, and grateful, to report that there is little struggle in my life these days. Still plenty of challenges, yes, but I have learned (by much trial and error) that struggling against them is a waste of energy and serves no purpose. I do a lot of “swaying and bending with the wind” while at the same time making that foundation ever more solid and stable. I don’t think there is “a line” between the two.

The Journal Archives – Not the Same River

I don’t suddenly wake up one morning and watch all the pieces fall into place. I don’t wake up one morning and watch everything fall apart. It’s more like a river, a stream, always moving, but never quite the same. Each corner, each bend holds something new – a challenge, a lull, a pool, a storm, a tide, a waterfall, a twig, a branch, a rapid, calm…