Communications & Project Management

With a degree in Practical Writing and Business Communications, combined with more than ten years in diverse roles and contexts, I am highly skilled and experienced to lead, or collaborate on, your projects. My training in, and ongoing affinity for, personal and spiritual growth, holistic health, architecture, design, fine arts, and horticulture provide substantial points of reference for projects in those realms. As a successful real estate investor and renovator, I bring that knowledge to the table. A deep belief in taking a sustainable and generous approach to life aligns my services closely with projects of a green and/or philanthropic nature.

As a communications and project manager, I bring a high degree of creative thinking and organization to the work I am involved in. My specialty is to serve as a liaison, knowledge source, and primary point of contact, facilitating communication between project teams and internal and external resources. Collaboration with global and remote teams is a process I am experienced with and thoroughly enjoy.

Building solid communication channels by listening, understanding, and interpreting gives me great satisfaction. Utilizing my strong project management and coordination skills, I steer projects and teams through ongoing deadlines in fast paced environments. I take a proactive approach, identifying potential challenges and developing creative solutions. And I refine, enhance and apply process steps to increase long term success.


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